North American Research & Analysis, Inc. (NARA) is an independent consulting firm that specializes in helping individuals and organizations use information more effectively. NARA provides a bridge between research, evaluation, analysis, interpretation, and communication; helping clients identify what information is most relevant to their needs, design methods to collect new data streams or analyze existing ones, interpret results for both scientific and non-scientific audiences, and communicate those results in ways that maximize both use and impact. Client relationship development and management is also a key strength.

Our commitment to equity and inclusion

Specialized Services

Lacking staff band-width for a special project? Need support to help evaluate a program? Or maybe it is time to take a step back to look at the industry landscape and plan for the future. NARA offers a variety of services using a tailored approach to ensure our clients’ success.

Research synthesis, presentation, and interpretation

NARA staff are able to review existing published academic research and industry white papers, synthesize findings, and develop actionable recommendations to connect your business to research and make evidence-informed decisions.

Project highlight:
Scientific Advisory

In partnership with a government agency focused on tobacco control, NARA staff reviewed existing scientific literature on nicotine and its impact on children and young adults, assessed it for quality, summarized the state of the science, and produced a 2-page advisory for a lay audience. The advisory included recommendations for action for various stakeholder groups.

Research and evaluation design and execution

Designing an evaluation or research project takes time and thoughtful consideration. NARA staff work closely with clients to develop evaluation plans, research questions, implementation protocols, data analysis and dissemination.

Project highlight:
Evaluation of Local Youth Development Intervention Project

In consultation with local youth development and career pathways project staff, NARA team members designed a data tracking system to coordinate data sharing across three sites, and implemented quality assurance and improvement efforts throughout the project. In addition, NARA staff measured program model fidelity, coordinated staff meetings, and produced written and verbal reports.

Meeting facilitation and strategic planning

Success in any industry often requires engaging multiple partners to identify common priorities for the development of short- and long-term strategic plans. NARA staff draw on over 25 years of combined experience to engage multiple partners, identify common priorities, and develop a common vision. We develop strategic plans and tools that meet client needs, provide the ability to track progress, and support communication and collaboration once the plan is in place.

Project highlight:
Strategic planning and team development facilitation

NARA staff helped a state Tobacco Control coalition develop a multi-year strategic plan, communications plan, and sustainability plan. To ensure maximum use of the plan moving forward, we created a process for continuing work in five focus areas, and for reporting back to the group on a quarterly basis. Ongoing guidance and consultation were provided in the year following the delivery of the plan and related tools.

Industries Served

NARA staff have over 25 years of experience in research, evaluation, program development and management across multiple industries, including the following:

  • Academic research
  • Elementary education institutions
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Foundations and non-profit organizations
  • Government (local, state/provincial and federal)
  • Healthcare
  • Post-secondary education institutions
  • Public health agencies and organizations

Our Team

Jessie Saul

President & CEO

NARA’s founder, Jessie Saul, received her Ph.D. in Science & Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2005. She has spent most of her professional life in the field of tobacco control, focusing primarily on research and evaluation. In 2008 she founded NARA, Inc., and has worked since then to put her passion for using data into practice with her clients.

Resume and references available upon request.
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Maria Rudie

Research Associate

Maria Rudie, NARA project associate/consultant, received her Master of Public Health in Social Behavioral Sciences from Boston University’s School of Public Health in 2002. Since then, she has had the privilege of collaborating at the local, state and national levels with public health, health care, and post-secondary education institutions to utilize research and innovation for the development of actionable activities and policy initiatives designed to improve population health.

Maria has over twelve years of experience with tobacco control programs, program planning and management, strategic planning and community engagement in putting research to practice.

What People Are Saying

Jessie has served as a facilitator and strategic planner during the last several years for Well-Ahead Louisiana, a chronic disease prevention and health promotion initiative of the Louisiana Department of Health. We love working with her, in large part because of her ability to listen to what we need, and then shape the process to meet those needs. Her approach to facilitation is comprehensive and uniquely tailored to us as an organization. She also provides us with tools that we can use to drive action during implementation. She is able to take complex ideas, and present them in ways that are easy to understand. These talents have added value to our work, and allowed us to focus on being a participant in the processes at hand, rather than worrying with facilitation.

- Well-Ahead Louisiana Team

Director Bureau of Chronic Disease prevention and Health Promotion, Well-Ahead Louisiana, Louisiana Department of Health

It was great doing business with Jessie. She handled our strategic planning retreat and summary reporting beyond a typical business venture. She guided our retreat effectively and efficiently, kept our group focused, and managed potentially difficult conversations artfully. Her work has served as a launching point for further discussions, planning, and implementation as we continue to enhance the Foundation to support Riverland Community college, its students, and programs.

- Adenuga Atewologun

President, Riverland Community College

Jessie has served as a group facilitator for us for the past ten years. She has proven ability to juggle many moving parts to a project and keep all the pieces moving forward. Her attention to detail and organizational skills have been an asset to our organization. Perhaps most valuable has been her ability to read a room, and engage many different personalities representing distinct, and often competing, organizations, emphasizing our common goals.

- ClearWay Minnesota

Our Certifications

NARA has recently been certified as a Targeted Group Business (woman-owned business) (state of MN)
and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Woman-owned business enterprise for the Metropolitan Council